We’re proud of the work we do here and we want to share our successes with you. You’ll see a few examples of the types of projects we’ve worked on below. If you have any questions or would like to find out more about any of the projects detailed below, please contact us here

Examining the role of gender and perception of flood risk in the UK

This short project explored how risk perception can differ based on gender. Focused on the 2007 UK floods this project identified how men and women view risk differently and what emergency planners and authorities can do to mitigate those differences in flood risk planning.

Communicating with marginalised groups in a disaster

This project explored the area of emergency communication. Specifically it focused on how marginalised groups (those with disabilities, older people and LGBTI groups) are often forgotten in emergency communication strategy. In identifying those failings we were able to develop guidelines to ensure communication during a disaster situation is more inclusive.

Our current project work will be detailed here soon.