There is no such thing as a ‘#NoNaturalDisaster’.

If we recognise and accept the standard definition of disaster:

A serious disruption of the functioning of a community or a society at any scale due to hazardous events interacting with conditions of exposure, vulnerability and capacity, leading to one or more of the following: human, material, economic and environmental losses and impacts” (the full definition can be found here – http://bit.ly/2vgw3Bq)

A hazard will only become a disaster should it impact the workings of a society or community. It stands to reason then that this can only happen where a society or community exists. That society has made (often historic and often made by elites in positions of power) economic, planning and other socio-economic decisions that will change on how the hazard impacts them.

Therefore, to say a disaster is natural is wrong.  What’s worse, it misleads people to think the devastating results are inevitable, out of our control and are simply part of a natural process.

Hazards (earthquakes, hurricanes, flooding) are inevitable but the impact they have on us is not.

For more detailed explanations, examples and briefing on why disasters are not natural, please read the following:



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