DRR Dynamics is currently running a series of seminars looking at the issue of at-risk or marginalised groups within a DRR setting. Calling upon the expertise of high level speakers and the wider DRR and humanitarian communities, past events have provided a useful space for discussion, debate and problem solving on a number of issues.

If you’d like to sign up to hear more about our events please contact us here

Previous Events

  • Gendering Risk & Risk Management – Jun 2014
  • A Post-2015 DRR Framework – opportunities and challenges for those communities considered ‘at-risk’ (listen to a podcast of this event here) – Mar 2015

Next Event

The 2015 Landmark Agreements – Building a Gender-Inclusive Path for Implementation – 15 September 2016, NYC

  • This event will focus on how the landmark agreements reached in 2015 (Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction, the Sustainable Development Goals, the Financing for Development agreement and the Paris Climate Change Agreements) will impact women and girls and how stakeholders can work together on the implementation of the agreements.  For details on how to register, please visit here

Future Events

  • Gender and the financial crisis – Q4, 2016. Details to follow.
  • LGBTI groups & disasters – Q1, 2017 . Details coming soon.