#DRRLive Events

DRR Dynamics is currently running a series of seminars looking at the issue of at-risk or marginalised groups within a DRR setting. Calling upon the expertise of high level speakers and the wider DRR and humanitarian communities, past events have provided a useful space for discussion, debate and problem solving on a number of issues.

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Previous Events

  • Gendering Risk & Risk Management – Jun 2014 (London)
  • A Post-2015 DRR Framework – opportunities and challenges for those communities considered ‘at-risk’ – Mar 2015 (London)
  • The 2015 Landmark Agreements – Building a Gender-Inclusive Path for Implementation – Sept 2016 (NYC & hosted in partnership with UN Women)

Next Event

LGBT+ groups & disasters

  • This event will focus on the lack of literature, policy and guidance within the DRR community on including LGBT+ groups within emergency and disaster preparedness. Entitled: LGBT+ communities and disasters: Discussing the lack of sexual minority representation in disaster risk reduction policy and practice this session will explore, through insight and examples from leading voices in the DRR & humanitarian sectors, how we can engage with the community, develop policy and practice which recognises this section of the community.

Future Events

  • Gender, risk and the financial crisis – Details to follow.
  • Disability positive: Participation, awareness and equality in DRR
  • #NoNaturalDisasters 101