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Using proven experience of working alongside international aid agencies, national governments, NGOs, academic institutions and private sector organisations we are able to provide a high level of knowledge and expertise on a range of topics over short and long term project work or on ad-hoc terms.


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We provide research, analysis and information concerning the role of at-risk or marginalized groups during disasters. This unique perspective allows us to develop inclusive research strategies and policy suggestions. For more information about how we can help your organisation.


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Working with a number of charities, we have developed experience and expertise on advocating for a range of disaster, climate adaptation and international development issues. Please contact us for examples of our previous advocacy work and to discuss how we can help build your message.


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DRR Dynamics

Research has consistently shown that disasters aren’t neutral within society and that different groups experience disasters in very different ways. In fact, when a disaster strikes, women and girls, older people, those with disabilities, ethnic minorities and LGBTQI groups will often experience a much higher fatality rate, sustain more/ severe injuries and be more adversely impacted on an economic basis. Research has also shown that in the aftermath of disasters, the way humanitarian aid is distributed will also depend on the types of groups receiving that aid, impacting which sections of the community recover fastest.

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